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Michael Goykhman of Amherst, MA

About Michael Goykhman (Michael's biography):

 Michael Goykhman has no description for his public profile.  Are you Michael Goykhman of Amherst Massachusetts?  If so, click here to create a MAEGIC member account so you can claim your profile via MAEGIC.  If you know Michael Goykhman, please let his know how he can help protect his identity and help contribute to economic stability by claiming his profile via MAEGIC!

Michael Goykhman's activity:

Michael Goykhman has no activity. If you happen to know Michael, please be sure to let them know about his profile here so he can take control of his identity.

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9/4/2013, Alex B.'s review of Judie's in Amherst (3/10):
"I hadn't been to Judie's in a few years. We had a fun night but our party of 4 agreed that this menu of food needs to evolve. Our server was fabulous and knew the menu well--which is much to…"

5/28/2014, Ethan H.'s review of Rao's Coffee in Amherst (8/10):
"Hands down the best coffee roasters in western mass, no gimmicks just quality. The cafe is ok, when it's not too crowded, but I'll go out of my way to get Raos coffee beans to bring home."

7/7/2014, J. C.'s review of Pita Pockets in Amherst (10/10):
"Wow this place is outstanding!! The falafel is perfect as is the pita. Owner is friendly and the restaurant is clean. I love all the side options. Can't wait it eat my way through the entire menu!"

1/16/2013, chris n.'s review of Paradise of India in Amherst (8/10):
"So I admit it - I've been in the valley around 5 years - Indian is my favorite food. I've been going to India House since I came in - but I have watched them get more and more expensive, and more…"